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Friday, January 1, 2010

Another Year, Another Decade

So, its New Year's Day. I always have all of these BIG plans for what I am going to do in the New Year and then wake up on January 1st and there is not a thing in the world that feels different, so I figure I should save my plans for a day when I feel that something is different. But really, things will only feel different if I make them different, right? Anywho, you may be wondering what the above picture is....well, I will be happy to tell you. It's what I ate for lunch. From the kitchen of the Pioneer Woman - her recipe for Olive Bread. Scrumptious. AND...I actually made it for myself. Chris didn't even have to mix it for me. Anyway, I digress...back to my New Year's plan....
1. I am going to be healthier. I know, that is a very broad statement. I also am well aware that I am a size 2 and some people think that I am just fine. But after 3 children (2 pregnancies where I gained 75 lbs each time), trust me, things just aren't very tone. So its not about losing weight, its about improving what my mama gave me. I also have a tendency to eat things like spinach and artichoke dip and say its "healthy" because there are veggies in it. Or decide to have half a container of salsa for dinner. Chris says the salsa itself is not bad for me, but the chips that they rode in on might be. I also love to eat potato chips while laying on the couch at 10pm. I don't exercise at all, unless you count grocery shopping as a brisk walk. And I have a serious aversion to fruit. I genuinely dislike fruit. I just feel tired and I know that there are things that I need to change so that I feel 32 rather than 72. And I need to start taking vitamins. So, I am going to work on these things. Starting tonight...I will not eat any potato chips while laying on the couch.
2. I really am going to give this etsy project a fair shot. Which means I will probably talking about it a lot more on this blog. I might even do a craft show or two this year. Who knows?
3. I am also going to work on my mothering and wife-ing skills. I have actually considered counseling. I mean, I do come with a lot of baggage. And, this is the first time in my life where things are actually good - I have a wonderful husband, wonderful children, wonderful home, wonderful job, wonderful friends - but I am still in crisis mode and don't know how to enjoy this or work on bettering these things. So, I've thought about talking to someone. To help with bettering myself for the people I love.
4. I am also giving myself a challenge. I think that I am going to blog everyday for the month of January. Feel free to give me grief when I throw in the towel on January 15. Also, be prepared for some rambling on about nonsense.

On to other are a few of the pieces that I've been working on. They'll be listed in my etsy shop later tonight (after the young guns go to bed), so you should head over there and take a peek. I know you want to. So you should. If for nothing else than just to humor me. Please.

Can you guess what color I am currently in love with? :)


Allyson said...

Counseling is great. It can really help clarify things! You should send your necklaces to MckMama, she loves turquoise and you could get her to use your stuff in one of her giveaways...Just a thought... Miss you, not the work, just the friendship, so I will eagerly await the daily blog updates this month!

Emily said...

Omg I've been wanting to try that Olive Bread! Was it good? I think your new year's goals sound wonderful and of course, you know we are professionals at being counseled over in our household. :) If it helps, I think you're a great sister in law...even if your kids are more well behaved than mine.

Mark Fennell said...

Counseling is good. Pop-tarts are good too. :)