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Thursday, January 14, 2010

My Boy...

...loves his food. He worships his food. (That's what he is doing in this picture.) He loves eating food (all food) with a fork, no matter what it is. (Like the bread in this picture.) I told Chris the other day to put the camera down when Q was eating because I feel like all I ever post of him are pictures where he is eating, or without clothing, or (like in this picture), is eating and without clothing. He does do things other than eating, I promise. He also has a whole dresser full of clothing and does wear clothes everyday. Some days he even wears multiple outfits. I just don't seem to take pictures of these things.

We also discussed the blog a little bit tonight at dinner. Chandler thinks that she is the star of my blog. I said, "Yeah, right. Only because you got your comb stuck in your hair!" She was ok with that. The star part is what is important. What kind of star is not important. As her mother, this kind of worries me about her future. (The dancer part is what is important. What kind of dancer is not important. etc.)

Look! How perfect is this necklace with this outfit? It's outstanding, right? I actually bought this super cute sweater at Target. I love Target. Have I mentioned that before? I also really love this one collection that they have right now that is black, white and this lovely lemony, sunshiney yellow. I had just made this necklace with these fabulous vintage beads that I found online when I stumbled upon said collection at Target and knew that it had to be a part of my wardrobe. To wear with this necklace. Now, really, don't tell me that you have never bought clothing to match an accessory. I know that this would be a lie, so don't even try it. Wearing this sweater/necklace combo made me feel wonderful today...but not so wonderful that I forgot about my session with the trainer last night. No sir. My arms were quivering when I began typing this morning at work. My legs shouted obscenities at me every time I moved. I wanted to cry when I walked up the stairs to take Q to bed tonight. My body is not made for this kind of pain. It just isn't. So, today is my day of rest and but tomorrow... I will be back. (Go ahead, say it like Arnold. Its ok, no one is watching you.) Early release from work and then I will be hitting the gym. That's right. You heard me. Take that - High 10 Trainer Lady!

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