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Sunday, January 3, 2010

The Things I Miss About Christmas

Most people know that I hate decorating for the holidays. Truly. I grew up in a house where decorating took days upon days - multiple trees, garland and lights up the staircase, lights on the house and the bushes, wreaths, Christmas artwork, centerpieces... So, while I love (really, really love) Christmas decorations, I hate putting them up. I also hate receiving them as gifts - ornaments are one thing, but do I really need a Christmas cookie jar? No, not so much.

Trees are often a source of contention for Chris and I. I prefer a fake tree - he needs a real one. Real ones drop needles, you have to water them, they sap all over the presents, and then of course, there was the year that our real tree had bugs hatch in it - thousands and thousands of bugs - which I then used a bottle of hair spray to cement them to the tree as a prevention tactic to keep them from jumping off the tree. It was horrible. But I digress, what I am trying to say is that this year was wonderful. It took Chris 8 minutes to assemble the fake, pre-lit, tree and 16 minutes for us to decorate - ornaments, angel at the top, and stockings on the fireplace. Perfect.

On Friday we took the tree down and it about broke my heart. I love the lights on the tree. I love watching tv at night with just the glow of the Christmas tree lights on. I felt the need to have the tree lights on whenever we were in the room. Even in the morning before leaving to head out to church or wherever. And now the lights (on the tree) are packed up and in the attic until next year. It really does make me sad. Big sigh. Even though the title of this post is "The Things I Miss About Christmas" it is really just this one thing that I miss. I'm okay without the others. I just miss the lights on the tree making my living all cozy and inviting.


Emily said...

I laugh at the hairspray story everytime I hear (read) it. We got a Douglas Fir this year and it was awesome. It stayed pretty and smelled nice all season and we had no bugs and it barely dropped a needle. It was expensive as hell but as far as live trees go, it was totally worth it. Just sayin'. :)

Mark Fennell said...

Decorating with LEDs... -er xmas lights. Love that subtle glow and so energy efficient. It's green. :)