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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Random Bulleted List of Information

  • Quinn can climb out of his crib onto the bed next to his crib and then back into the crib. While this shouldn't be surprising to me - the girls were climbing into each others cribs at this age - it is. My baby is growing up.
  • Even with this new found fun, he has begun refusing to go to bed. So, that's awesome.
  • Frankie wants to take your picture. You should go see her.
  • I spend my days thinking about what to write on the blog and find that I wish that I could update about 5 times a day....mainly because I know that I will forget by the time I am able to post something and then have to resort to writing out a bulleted list because I don't have an actual story to tell.
  • Casey's favorite response to any question we ask her... "Nokay." It is by far one of the most annoying things ever. And what makes it even worse is that Chris and I have picked up using it frequently at home.
  • I went to the gym tonight. I'm tellin ya, the riders behind me must be giddy with excitement when I step onto the treadmill. Time for the booty shakin show. I also saw a couple that were wearing matching work out clothes. When I got home I asked Chris if we could do this. He just stared at me. I'll take that as a no.
  • The most exciting news of my day....wait for it....are you ready? No really, I am SUPER excited about this. In a way that Chris just doesn't understand. But I am quite sure that you will. In fact, he just said, "Are you blogging about that?," in a mocking sort of voice. And yes, yes, in fact, I am. Because I love it. I love the fact that my new friend Crystal B named a fantabulous necklace after me. If she were here and not, you know, in California, I would kiss her face. You can see it here. How cute is that???? How lucky am I to have such a nice cyber friend??? Love her.

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molly said...

Oh, that necklace is so you. Beautiful!