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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

It's all fun and games...

...until someone says "Damn It." And that someone is under the age of 8.

It all began when Chris had Quinn sing the ABC's for me. It went like this....

lalalalalaaaaaaaaaaaa -ugh - ugh - mehmehmehmeh - ugh

Why the "ugh's"? Because he was leaving a present for me in his pants. I called "not it" and Chris said that wasn't fair, so we settled it in a much fairer way - rock, paper, scissors. One, two, three, shoot and I lost. So then the girls started playing it too. One, two, three, shoot and Casey lost. Which naturally made her exclaim, "Damn It!".

And so there went our fun, laid back, evening. Back to parenting. Now, I have no idea where she would have heard this. It might have been me. It might not have been me. No bets please.

She is not earning daddy dollars for the rest of the week. My mother thought we were too hard on her and made this comment...

Awww, Honey, she doesn't know what that means. She is only 7. Don't be so hard on her.

But, she a. used it in proper context b. said "sorry" followed by "I meant to say darn it" c. followed by "I didn't know that was a bad word"

And if that was the case why was there a b. and a c.???? Her voice also rose 8 octaves while defending herself and her microexpressions where through the roof (according to my Lie To Me training). So, I think we were fair. We also had a very serious discussion about "grown up words" and that they may use those words when they can....

cook for themselves
work a 40 hour work week
pay their own bills
and qualify for a mortgage

I also went on to inform her that her teacher would know about it so that if she were to use another "grown up word" on the playground or in the lunchroom that she would know that it was not the 1st time and that her teacher should call Dad right away. That got her. Score.

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