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Monday, January 11, 2010

Snow Day '10 Part II

This is a picture of my out of control children. Yes, Quinn is indeed wearing a headband. He likes them. He likes them more than he likes hair clips (which he also wears). And this is why I was ever so grateful for my 2nd snow day of the year. There was (still) no snow where I live, so Chris and all the children went to school and like Friday, I had a very peaceful day. Unlike Friday, aside from 2 loads of laundry, I did nothing around the house. (On Friday, I did straighten up the kitchen and living room and clean the bathrooms.) Instead, I did a little alone shopping in Athens. Then, I picked the girls up from school, took Casey to dance and took Chan with me to the gym. She sat in the waiting area, doing homework, while I walked 2.1 miles in 34 minutes (with a warm up and cool down) on the treadmill next to my sweet friend, Anna. *you may applaud now* And then, Chan and I went through the McDonald's drive-thru to pick up dinner, got Casey from dance, went home and chowed down on cheeseburgers and fries. I just finished my peach and cool whip dessert (the same thing that I had last night). It was outstanding. So, two days in a row with fruit, two days in a row at the gym. Of course, the McDonald's kind of cancels that out, now doesn't it?

I do have this to say about the gym. I love people watching there. Today there was a guy on the pull up machine wearing a belt around his wait with a chain hanging from it and some huge steering wheel kind of weight attached to it. I mean really, a steering wheel hanging from his waist. How awesome is that??? It was the funniest looking thing ever.

I have also spent some time working on these today.....
I really do love this one with the fancy black beads on the side. Usually I am a very symmetrical kind of girl, but I just couldn't help myself with this one.

And then there is this one. I love, love, love it and may very well keep it for myself. The large, clear, beads have a really lovely cucumber coloring to them. It makes me very happy.

And then there is this one. I actually bought a necklace early in the fall with these beads - vintage beads made in Czechoslovakia - that are a delightful powder blue. I paid (by my standards) an arm and a leg for this necklace. And then, while on a vintage bead hunt on etsy, I found the exact same beads! And so I bought them! And I made a necklace for you with them! $20, please.

I mean really, how can you not love these beads? Talk about making me happy. I almost want to keep them for myself, but that would be silly considering that I already have one...that I paid an arm and a leg for.

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