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Friday, January 15, 2010

Perhaps Chandler Is the Star of the Blog

And I'm not really sure what that says about my middle child. She is indeed the middle child - Casey is one minute older and Q is 6 years younger. We have noticed that she has some distinct speech patterns. For years she dropped the first letter of a word and replaced it with a K. As in...


And now there is this...the addition of the "wl" to words where there should not be a "wl" like these statements....

Chandler: Mama, when can I start wearing a brawl? Can we go to the mall this weekend so that I can buy a brawl?
Me: No Dear. Not until you know the difference between a bra and a brawl.

Chandler: I sawl Savannah at school today.
Me: Well, I am not really sure what the word "sawl" means.

Big sigh. I wish Q would say things incorrectly. I would even take him to the mall to buy him a brawl if he said it.

Back to Chandler though, she really is a wonderful child. She is the one that is the most empathetic. She is my most laid back, fun loving child. She refers to herself as the silly one or the weirdo one. While she tries her best at school, she doesn't worry over it too much. The girls went to the same daycare from the time when they were 18 months until they were 4. Before they started at their new school for pre-k, we talked with them about helping people be able to tell them about. Chandler's idea was that she tooted and her sister didn't. And that is the perfect example of how Chandler is - not worried and not taking life too seriously. I love this girl.

And just in case you were wondering about how day 2 post trainer was....OMG! My legs feel like they belong to the Hulk. Seriously. My thighs feel so brick like and huge that they could possibly rip through my jeans at any moment. Just so you know.

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Emily said...

I love that girl! And we now say kajamas and kassert and kaprise in our house as though they were real words. Chandlerisms. We also talk about blow holes but that's a different child, I think.