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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Dying A Slow (and Painful) Death...

So I had my free one hour session with the trainer tonight. That really should be the end of my post, but I know you want more, so I will oblige.

She told me to get there a few minutes early and hop on the treadmill to get my heart rate up and my blood pumpin'. Awesome, I thought, I am totally rockin it out on the treadmill these days. Then she waved me over, we went to the back section of the gym and the ass kicking began. They have a wall up around this area for a that unsuspecting people (like me) have no idea that they should fear stepping on the other side of the wall.

I did reps and sets and squats, something with a bar on the "meaty" part of my back. I didn't know this part of my back existed until tonight. Tucking my booty in, trying to knock the back wall of the gym with my booty, don't push your knees out, line your knees up with your toes, pop your chest out...Then I did pull ups and chin ups and some kind of machine with a half ball on it to work my ab muscles. I felt very proud of myself at this point. And then she said these three words...Do It Again...and I wanted to cry. Please, let me out of the Thunder Dome, I don't want to die! So, I sighed, moped and complained. I told her she was mean. And then I did it again. From there I went onto push ups and crunches and some maneuver with a dumbbell over my head. She started me with a ten pound weight, I cried uncle, begged for a lighter one, citing my fear of dropping the dumbbell on my head (it could've happened) and she switched it for a 7.5 lb weight. Not really the three pounder that I was hoping for. And then we stretched. Then she told me to go home, eat a protein bar and be prepared to be sore tomorrow and even worse on Friday. I gave her a "High 10" and then crawled out of the gym.

We have no protein bars at home and Chris had dinner on the table when Chan and I walked in. Chris reassured me that there was plenty of protein in our dinner. I somehow doubt that meatloaf is on the trainer's list of good protein.


Anonymous said...

Dude. You are a badass. And you're funny. I can't think of a better combination. By the way, I vote for meatloaf being a FAR SUPERIOR protein than the invented chemical kind in most protein bars, so chow down, She-Ra. "Let me out of the ThunderDome ... " that killed me. KILLED me.

Anonymous said...

Also by the way, I have no idea why my Google account is named Cleo. That's my grandmother. This is Juli. ;) I also wish I could tell you what my security word verification is right now, but I fear it would be inappropriate. A story for another time.