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Thursday, January 7, 2010


This is my big boy, Quinn. Yes, he is eating his food with a fork and yes, he is eating at the table. This is not an everyday occurrence, mind you, but he is getting there. He loves (loves, loves) eating with utensils even though he doesn't know how to use them properly yet. More often then not he holds the fork puts his food on the fork with his fingers and then hurries to get it in his mouth before it all falls. He has also tried eating crackers with a fork and it took awhile for him to figure out that that just wasn't going to work out.

And look! Straw mastery! And look! What bad parents we are for giving our 18 month a juice box! Honestly, I never would have thought to do that at this age with the girls, but things are different for the 3rd child. I am sure that I will have many more of these examples to come.

We spend many nights like this on the couch. See, blogging can be fun for the whole family! *Please note, Chan had a red eye and I tried to fix it, but I messed that up and left her with a huge black eye, so in my attempts to fix that, I permanently erased her eye. Hence why I am not a photographer. I wipe away people's eyes.*

So I was a lucky one today and only had to work half a day. It really was slightly amusing leaving work at noon and there was not a flake of snow on the ground. But now, there are flurries outside and the reports from the national weather service did indicate that they would be here much earlier. On my way home I stopped at the gym. 12:30 is apparently a hopping time for the treadmills. There wasn't a single one available. So, I decided to use some other machine directly behind the treadmills. I have no idea what kind of machine this was. It has handles and you put your feet on these step looking things and then your legs move kind of like you're on a bike. First I was hypnotized by the fact that it counted the calories I was burning. OMG! 15 calories! This is amazing - and easy! I then I looked at the guy next to me - red faced and sweaty - and thought, perhaps I am not doing this correctly. And then I realized that your legs are supposed to be moving forward - not backwards the way mine were. So, I switched it up a bit and in about 30 seconds I wanted to die. Thank God someone got off a treadmill within 3 minutes because my thighs felt like they were being ripped from my body. I am not kidding. Or exaggerating. So, then I got on my treadmill and walked 1.51 miles. I figured it was ok that I did a little less than last time - I was on it for a shorter amount of time and I did that God awful machine first. You know, the one that I will never get on again that I don't know the name of.

After the gym, I came home, cranked up Dave Matthews, started going with the laundry and started cranking out these babies. Think pink.

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Amanda Jo said...

This is the best ever! I love your gym experiences :)