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Friday, January 8, 2010

Snow Day '10

Yes, its true. I am home from work because our county has a snow day. I actually live in a different county where there is no snow on the ground...much to the dismay of my children. We did let the girls go outside yesterday before dinner to run around in the flurries. When they came back inside, Chandler was very disgusted...

"There wasn't even enough snow for a smidge of a snowball!"

Yes, I know. I failed to mention to her that Grandpa got at least 5 inches of snow just yesterday in Chicago...and it was just yet another day with snow for him. As a child, snow is wonderful. I know this because I spent the first 8 years of my life in Chicago. And even more than that, I was super lucky - we lived on a corner lot in a subdivision and when they plowed, they dumped it all in my front yard! Yay! I spent many afternoons creating tunnels through the 6 feet of snow in our front yard (wearing snow boots, ski bibs and a ski mask - things my children have never had to wear before). As an adult...thank God we don't live in snow! I can't imagine how my parents felt about the 6 feet of snow in the front yard. Yikes!

So, I am preferring to call this my "Cold Weather Day." This justifies me staying in my sweatshirt and fuzzy slippers all day. I am not going to leave the house (even though I did contemplate it) because it is my Cold Weather Day. I am not going to the gym today because today is Cold Weather Day.

I did, however, spend the morning dreaming of spring. I love spring. Let me say it again, I love spring. I love my skirts and cute sandals. I love wearing a cardigan over my t-shirts and feeling plenty warm. I love bright colors and the promises that I spring always makes to me. You know, the one that says the school year is winding down, a visit to Chicago is on the way, my children will get to swim soon...those promises? And because of my thinking of spring, I felt that I needed to put these lovely lime beads to good use. You should click on my etsy shop link and take a look. It will make you dream of spring too. :)

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