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Monday, February 27, 2012

Blissom, Part Deux

Remember where we left off?  Walking into the luncheon, I see Zakary, and no joke, I said, "Oh my gosh, it's you!"

Kind of silly, right?

The best part is that she said the same thing to me.

You see, Zakary's blog has been linked on mine through Blogher and then she bought some things from my shop and we've emailed back and forth and she given away stuff from my shop on her see, I considered her a friend.  Only even though we've known each other for almost a year, this was the first time that we met in real life.  She made plans to come to Blissdom last minute and neither of us realized that the other was going to be there.

And there it was, my Blissdom aha moment.

In that moment I knew what all these other bloggers knew.  The feeling of genuine friendship between bloggers.

{Yes, I realize how lame that sounds.  Not lame, though.  Definitely not.}

And...she had a seat open next to her at the table.  We chatted all through lunch.  (except for the part where Chris Mann from The Voice performed...that would have just been rude)

She introduced me to her other blogging friends. 

The afternoon sessions were better.  I had more time with Andrea, Anne and Virginia (Alison had already gone home). 

Things were definitely looking up.

 {even more to come!  stay tuned!}


Land family said...

I would definitley have sought you out! Sorry you didn't have much fun at first. Meeting people as an adult is kind of intimidating, not sure I would have been able to pull it off. But so glad that you went-and made a cool friend.

Zakary said...

I am so glad I know you.