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Sunday, February 5, 2012


I can't even think of a title for this post.  That's pretty sad, right? 

Chan is still working on the crocheting.  I am kind of surprised (in a good way) that she hasn't given up on it yet.  Her latest project was this...a fingerless glove...sort of.  But she was really proud of it and wore it all weekend while dancing around the kitchen.

I went to World Market the other night...and fell in love with pretty much everything.  Seriously.  I definitely NEED these things.  And the pillows would match the new quilt I bought for our bed.

And while I love this couch, I realize that it would be completely impractical while chocolate faces and sticky fingers still live in my house.

These are the orders that are ready to be shipped out tomorrow.  All 43 of them.   I am really, really close to being finished with all open orders.  So close that I can taste it.

The bead show was in Atlanta this weekend. I got a TON of fabulous new things, but I have promised myself that I am not getting any of it out until I have nothing but closed orders in the shop.  :) 

I really can't believe that it is already February!  This is typically our family's worst month.  Does your family have one of those?  The girls are turning -omg - 10! on Friday.  I seriously cannot believe it.  They are having a couple of friends over for roller skating and a slumber party.  Then we're having a little gathering on Sat (catered by moe's - yay!) for their birthday and mine...which is next week.  I am going to be - omg - 34!  Yikes!  I seriously can't believe that either!  :)

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Land family said...

My baby turns 10 this year too-March 1st. It's kind of a freaky number! I had a hard time when my oldest turned double digits she's going to be *12* this summer. (GULP)

Congratulations on all of your orders-that is so awesome! And 34? Ummmm, big 4-0 for me this fall. :(