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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!

Wishing lots of love to you and yours!

The girls had a ton of fun with this Valentine's Day craft from Dandee...

The best part(s) about this craft was/were that I really didn't have to do anything!  And there wasn't any of the usual standing in the Holiday aisle at Target debating the merits of Littlest Pet Shop Valentines v. Wizards of Waverly Place Valentines....tattoos v. v. pink....  Trust me, the drama in these decisions is pretty ridiculous.  BUT, there was NONE of that this year!  The girls LOVED making the bracelets and picking out their color combos.  And they feel REALLY good about all that they accomplished and about passing them out to their classmates.  And I feel like a REALLY good Mama.  {which is always a bonus!}

ps.  this is my - omg- 1000th post!!!  Expect something awesome soon!

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