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Friday, May 25, 2012

Project #2

For almost a year now, we've had my aunt's antique vanity in our foyer.  It was a stop gap until I could find just the right thing.  Do you do that too?  Put things places with no intention of leaving them there?  Here's what it looked like...

It was really kind of too big for the space.  Too wide next to the doorway.  And well, it looked like we had a vanity in the foyer. 

I knew I wanted something with glass doors.  That was my requirement.  I kept finding things for over $200.  And something vintage?  Forget about it.  Way out of my league.

I saw one at Target for $150.  But I was still hesitate.  Mainly because I am kind of cheap and $150, while not a lot to spend on a piece of furniture, seemed like a lot to spend on a piece of furniture that is going to do nothing but sit in my foyer.

But then it went on sale...$110, with free shipping!  And that, I could wrap my brain around.

So I bought it and it arrived while Chris was still at work.  I had to open it immediately.  I had thoughts of surprising him and putting it together on my own.  Instead I surprised him with this...

Yep.  That's what I do.  Take things out, make a big mess and then hope that Chris can handle it.

And he did.  Quinn was really excited looking at the paw print.  You know, the blue print.  And I am very pleased with my $110, free shipping, purchase!

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