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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Have You Seen This?

Oh, Good Lord.  Have you seen this commercial?  It has been going around the internets lately and it makes me cry.  Not like, oh look, I'm tearing up...a little misty over here, but like, huge tears rolling down both cheeks, shoulders shaking, kind of crying.

Chris made fun of me BIG TIME, but, you know, whatever.

So, I watched this video last Friday night...the night before Chan's race.  The race that started early in the morning which would mean that we would have to get up at normalish time to leave the house to get there on time...and, well, truth be told, I tried to talk Chris into taking her.  It was his turn.  I took her to the last one.  And then I watched this silly commercial and knew that I had to do it.  She might forget a lot of things, but  she'll remember that I got up early to drive her to her races.


Angela said...

So...We don't have cable. This was the first time I've seen this commercial. I totally just cried my eyes out!

Marty, Allison & Zachary said...

Ok, now I'm crying too. Thanks, Angie! I needed that reminder today as well.

molly said...

Ok, I held off on watching this when I read that it made you cry. I think I just had to wait until I was ready to shed some tears. Wow, what a touching video, I'm not even sure I can call it a commercial. And yes, Chan will remember when you drove her to her 5k race and will be reminded of how lucky she is to have you as her Mom. Happy Early Mother's Day!

Zakary said...

For crap's sake, thanks.

That gutted me.