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Sunday, April 29, 2012


I was going through old picasa albums and stumbled upon some really great gems.  Don't you love it when that happens?  They've been on the blog at some point before, but it's been a long, long time.  They deserve more than that.  Why?  Because they are some of my very favorites, that's why.

Like these sweet little girls...

We were at the zoo.  I love how they couldn't leave the stroller without their sippy cups and dolls.  Too, too cute!  And do you see they're necklaces?  Those were part of their princess dress up clothes that they wore all.the.time.

And this would be their first dance class with Aunt Kellee when they were 3 years old.  I love that you can see Casey's red nails.  Don't they look do stoic? 

I really just need to blow this one up and frame it, I love it so!  It makes me laugh!  Doesn't Chandler's hair look like Nick Nolte's mugshot?

And then there's this one of me and Dea in high school.  I love this picture for many reasons...
1.  My hair.  Is that vain?  Yes, absolutely.  But I cut it a few weeks after this picture and it has never been that long again.
2.  I love that you can make out some of the posters on my wall.  So fun!  My parents were awesome about letting me cover the walls (and the ceiling) with what made me happy...

{on a side note...OMG...this picture was taken - gasp! - 17 years ago!  how?  how has this happened??}

But this, this is the crown jewel of old pictures.  Seriously.  It is so hard for me to think of Chris as having hair, but he did.  And a lot of it.  So, without further ado...

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