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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Pizza, Berenstain Bears, Ice Cream and Guilt

Yes, you read that title correctly.  Do those four things have anything to do with each other?  No.  No, they don't.  But whatever.  Sometimes that's just how it goes, right?

This is a homemade pizza.  And I have to say, it might just be my new favorite pizza.  This is what's on top of the whole wheat crust...
fresh mozarella
Italian cheeses
green peppers
black olives

Trust me, it was absolutely outstanding.  I'll invite you over for dinner next time if you're interested.  ;)

I was straightening the shelves in my media center this week (gearing up for inventory...super excited about that!) and stumbled across this little gem of a book.  It was my favorite as a child (Mom, are you having flashbacks???).  I think this may have been the book that pushed me into reading by myself because I couldn't get enough of it and while my mom did read to me all.the.time, there's only so much Berenstain that I grown up can take. And they are LONG books, have you ever noticed that??  But this one was my favorite for mainly these two reasons...

1.  I loved the Berenstain Bears beyond belief.  LOVED.

2.  I longed for the organization of this closet.  I dreamed about this closet. And no, I am not kidding.  And yes, I would still like it today.

This ice cream has become a favorite dessert of mine...butter pecan ice cream with a splash of hazelnut kahlua on top.  It's actually better with heath bar frozen yogurt, but butter pecan is what we have in the freezer right now.  You should give it a try.  I promise you'll thank me.

And now for the guilt part of the post.  If you know me at all, you know that I struggle with guilt.  I think it is one of my biggest hurdles in life.  A lot of my other emotions seem to stem from guilt, (but just so we're clear, I don't feel guilty about the pizza and the ice cream) and so when I read this post (HERE), I literally nodded my head and said AMEN.  Everything that Lisa says about it is true - guilt doesn't play fair.  I plan on remembering that in the future.


The Berenstain Bears said...

Thank you for your very nice blog! :D We enjoyed it <3 Mama, Papa, Brother, Sister, and Honey

Zakary said...

Um, The Berenstain Bears commented on your blog. You should just quit now because you can't really top that.