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Monday, April 2, 2012

Weekend Recap

First, let me apologize for the lack of pictures.  There are two reasons...

1.  I hardly took any.
2.  The very few that I have taken lately are on my phone and I am too lazy to put them on the computer right now.

So, there's that.

The weekend was a whirlwind.  I finished up book fair at my school on Friday.  And I am pretty much toast after book fair week.  Quinn was also toast by the end of the week.

He is back to his usual non-sleeping shananigans these days.  It breaks my heart.  He has also had 3 accidents in the past two weeks (we were accident free for well over a year), and is getting awful mouthy.  Cantankerous.  For example...

This afternoon, he and the girls were playing in the backyard while I worked in the craft room.  (I could see them at all times through the window.) First he dumped his cup of water all over himself.  Then he ran pell mell while spraying the sunscreen out of the bottle behind him.  Kind of like trying to mace whoever came near him.  

So I had to regulate.

When I brought him inside I squatted in front of him so we were eye to eye and told him why that was wrong.

1.  If it got in someone's eyes it could really, really hurt them.
2.  It was wasteful.

And that we just don't run and spray sunscreen.  It's not nice.  I finished with, "Do you understand?"

He looked me straight in the eye and as serious as a heart attack said, 

"And I really want to go back outside.  Do you understand me?"

Big sigh.  I kid you not.

He is also going through a grunting/growling phase and we are finding ourselves continuously saying, "Use your words, Quinn.  Use your words."

But back to the weekend.  On Saturday morning we headed over to Chris's parents' house for an Easter Egg Hunt/Birthday Lunch for Chris.  {a good time was had by all!}

Then there was grocery shopping and laundry before 3 little girls arrived at our house for a sleepover party.  That's right.  5 ten year old girls and the boy.

Only one child was damaged (she fell while running in the foyer and bit her lip - ouch!).  They made their own pizzas for dinner and for dessert they had cookies n cream pie and I had a glass of wine.

Sunday everyone loaded up for church and then we began a tour of Athens for the drop offs.  

I began a new craft Sunday afternoon.  I am hoping to finish it SOON so that I can show it to you.

Today was a day of catching up - jewelry, more laundry, picking up Ike from his hotel stay, post office run, bank, birthday shopping for my mom (that's this week!)....

Mom is actually come here on Wednesday, spending the night and taking Q home with her on Thursday.  We're heading out there on Friday, coming home on Saturday and then having an Easter celebration on Sunday.  Whew!

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