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Sunday, April 8, 2012

15 Hours Ago.

Fifteen hours ago I didn't have things to fill the Easter baskets with.  Chandler didn't have an Easter dress.  And I was pretty much feeling like a failure as a mother.

I've been having a hard time planning ahead these days.  Last week was book fair and that was all that I could think about.  Just getting through that.

This week my mom came over on Wednesday and spent the night.  She took Q home with her Thursday morning, the girls and I went leotard shopping after school (that's a story for another day) and then we met Chris for dinner out.  I went to the grocery store and then came home and made a pioneer woman brownie recipe for my mom's birthday.  Friday, we left after work to drive out to mom's to spend the night, birthday lunch on Saturday and then we headed home. 

And then it hit me like a ton of bricks that I was really and truly out of time to pull something together for Easter.  I couldn't let this be the year that mama fell apart and Easter wasn't like all of the other years.

But Easter already wasn't like all of the other years.  I always planned outfits for everyone that coordinated.  It was one of the few days of the year that I got to tell everyone exactly what I expected them to wear...and they listened...without arguing (an amazing thing, I tell you).

So I had planned for a yellow and gray combo.  I ordered dresses for the girls.  When they arrived, Chandler's didn't fit.  And the next size up was sold out.  I couldn't find a replacement yellow and gray outfit to save my life.  Especially not 10 days before Easter.

And so, last night, at 7:30, I was out shopping for basket goodies and Easter clothes.  Not one of my finer mothering moments.

But I think it all worked out in the end.