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Monday, August 6, 2012

A Weekend Wedding

We went to a sweet friend's wedding this weekend.  I say "friend" and it feels a little strange to me.  You see, she was an 8th grade student of mine...and now she is a college graduate, getting married.  YIKES!  She was also the girl's babysitter for 4 years.  And, oh, how they loved her! 

My mom graciously offered to take Q for the weekend.  Yay!

So we got dressed up...

 {what are these poses from casey????  strange, right???}

It was the girls' first wedding (since ours) that they have been too and they were beyond thrilled to have been invited!  We lucked out and one of my most favorite former students and her mother (another favorite of mine) were there - we sat together and danced together (Chan claims Erin as her new best friend)!

It was a buffet dinner at the reception (at the country club!) and Chandler (while not in line with us) went for both the chicken AND beef...and

They also did a marvelous job on the dance floor!

I took my picture on the way there...

 And then I took Chris's picture (as he was saying, "What are you doing?  You're not taking my picture, are you????)

And then I captured this little diva...{the other one was sitting behind me and I should have turned all the way around, but I didn't...just like I didn't take any other pictures from the evening...just these...gah!)

1 comment:

Zakary said...

The girls make me laugh, I know your pain.

Also, I want Chan's dress.