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Monday, August 20, 2012

Hello Monday!

Whew!  I can't believe that it is already Monday!  I have no idea where the weekend went...

Oh, wait!  Yes, I do!

Friday:  dinner at the mexican restaurant, a trip to the grocery store, made an eclair cake
Saturday:  bead show (yay!), errands, and a fantastic birthday celebration for my best friend, Molly...

Where, first, Quinn wanted to be wrapped up like a present...

...and then I had to pay him some coins to get him to participate in a nice picture....


Sunday:  church (I know, you just gasped!), a wedding shower for my sweet Erin... shopping, a run on the treadmill, a fabulous dinner....and then the weekend was over!

Hello to a full week ahead!  And then yay for next weekend's big date night!  I am so looking forward to it!

Hello to new designs for the shop and some fresh plans for the future...time to kick it in high gear!

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