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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

two BIG things to share

You definitely need to know about these things...

And I feel like I should preface by saying that I am a librarian.  I have been a lover of books since before I could read.  If you ever feel moved to do kind, wonderful things in this world (which I am sure you do!) these are two fabulous organizations.

1.  Heather at Life Made Lovely lost her sweet son, Samuel, when he was just six weeks old.  That was five years ago today.  Heather began The Joyful Life Library as a way to honor her son's memory and to help other families feel a sense of normalcy when in the NICU/PICU- being able to read to your child.   She announced the opening of an etsy shop (today!) that helps to fund the library and I think it is really lovely.  You should visit.  And buy something super cute...a win win for everyone!  (You can also make purchases for various hospitals via the amazon wishlists that you can get to from the joyful life library page.  It was super easy to do!)  **as a side girls spent almost a month in the NICU and something like this would have been wonderful

2.  Books For Keeps.  Oh how I love this organization!  They are Athens based and help to promote reading with children in Athens.  At the end of last school year, they came to my library and over the course of two days, they gave every k - 5th grade student 12 books for summer reading - to keep! forever and ever!  Oh, you should have seen my sweet kiddos faces!  Some of them had never owned a book...never had a book that was theirs in their house.  Never.  And then they had TWELVE!!!  That they PICKED!!!!  It is easy to support them - you can donate gently used books, you can donate money for them to make book purchases through paypal, OR you can go to their book sale - August 23 - August 26 (see their blog via the above link for all of the specifics).  All of my Athens peeps (and beyond)!  Step up!  This is your chance!  I promise you THIS makes a difference in the lives of students that live HERE in Athens!

And those are the things that I think you should know about.  I think you'll agree that both of them are equally wonderful and amazing.

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