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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Front Room Re-do

The front room {aka Library} is probably my favorite room in the house.  I must say, it is evolving exactly the way I want it to.  Exciting when that happens, right???  It is attached to the craft room, so I spend a lot of time on that side of the house. 

Here's a before picture of the couch area (and you can see my craft room peeking in the corner)...

I was *trying* to be sporadic with the plates because I had more to add (do you see them on the coffee table??) and wanted to keep the collection going.  Sporadic = slightly off center and confusing.  And the best part is that I left it that way...for over a year.  A year, people.  And I snarled at it every time I walked past this wall. And did I ever hang the other ones.  Um, that would be a no.

I've been collecting things to add to the wall all summer long.  I even told Chris that I was going to need him to repaint the room (we finished the gallon that we used) so that I could re-hang everything.  (And then he snarled at me.)

This weekend, I finally just put my money where my mouth is.  Chris and I agreed that I would try my best to cover all existing holes and if I royally messed it up, he would fix it over Thanksgiving break.  So I went for it (please excuse my cell phone pics)...

couch pillows:::  target, olive handmade,  ikea, pottery barn, knitty bitties, target

on the wall::  #5 sign {sparrow mercantile}, Joy Prints {the joyful shop}, vintage plates (states and Shakespeare), vintage film reels and this fabulous letter P...

I am kind of in love with this wall now and breathe a happy sigh when I walk past it.  It is perfect the way it is but can also be added to easily...which is really a true sign of perfection to me.

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