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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

My Night with Ree {and 200 other people}

Monday night was kind of a big thing in my world.  Seriously.

Yep.  Ree Drummond.  Pioneer Woman.  This wasn't my first rodeo, remember when Jules and I saw her before?  But anyway, I met up with my friend Sarah and her roommate Cheryl (and I had a lovely time with both of them - definitely a night filled with laughter).  We traveled down to Little Shop of Stories in Decatur, got our book signing tickets and then went to the Starbucks next door for dinner.

I want one of these in my library (just in case you were wondering...)  Pretty stinkin fantastic, if you ask me...

 After dinner, we had a while to wait.  So we read some books.  This one is a new favorite of mine.  Really, you must read it.  I am using it to teach inferencing from now on.  So, so very funny.

And then I got my book signed.  I brought a little gift (because that's just what I do, I'm a gifter.  Just ask our friend Liz.  For a good two years every time we saw her I brought some earrings for her.  But I could never decide on a pair, so I would just give her six pairs.  Surely she would like one out of the six.  But I digress...)  And this is why I love the Pioneer Woman (there are many reasons, this just being one), she is so very kind and gracious.  As I walked up to the table (before she was handed my book) she said, "Oh, you're Angie!  I'm so glad you came!" And then, as you can see in picture 2, she turned to the girl who works at the bookstore and said, "I wear her jewelry on my show all.the.time."  And that moment was pretty fantastic.  Just sayin.

Wondering about my sleeve/sweater?  Yeah, that was a foolish move on my part.  It was supposed to be high 60's, so my shirt was short sleeved, but as I usually do, I grabbed a sweater to carry with me, not really considering it to be part of my outfit, but then wearing it all day anyway.  And the sleeves look ridiculous.  Seriously.  Sheesh.  We can continue with the evening now.  I just thought I would address that...

But anyway, here we are...

And as I was walking away from the table, someone in line (that I didn't know) hollered out..."Hey!  I'm wearing your earrings!"

That was my Rock Star moment.


Emily said...

That is so awesome. And the sweater looks fine!

Unknown said...

YEA rockstar!!