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Saturday, November 3, 2012


I stopped by my Molly's after the bead show last weekend, and let me just tell you...every time I go there I am completely inspired by her her house.  {and Molly too, of course!}  She has the best collections ever....  like around her fireplace...

And then there is this wall in her guest room.  It's pretty great...

But here's the thing (and Molly and I have talked about this).  I'm not sure I would like just one of those pieces alone.  But collectively?  OMG, to see this wall in person???  Absolutely delightful.  Such a mix of sketches, and paintings and vintage photographs and an eclectic mix of frames.  Pretty awesome.

I always leave Molly's house feeling inspired.  And happy.
{except for that time I had a migraine, but that had nothing to do with Molly or her house}

1 comment:

molly said...

You're too sweet. I'm so glad you are inspired by my many unfinished projects. One of many reasons why we are best friends. ; )