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Monday, November 5, 2012

Hello Monday!

Hello to a new line in the shop!

It all started with my Gram.  She is absolutely amazing and like I've said a billion times before, I adore this woman.

Isn't she gorgeous?  She and my Papa got married young - when they were 17 and 18 (she was an older woman!) - and had six children, who then went on to have 19 grandchildren and 12 great grandchildren.

And I bet you could ask anyone of us and we would tell you that we were her favorite.  Because that is how she makes you feel.  Like the favorite.  But she will be the first to tell you that she could never choose a favorite because every one of her children were perfect angels.  As are her grandchildren and great grandchildren.  And just like I said that I adore her, everyone in our family adores her.  She is so very loved.

And so, out of that love, I wanted to make something special for her.  For years I've looked at doing something handstamped (but never enough room for the number of people) or something pendant-y, but I just could never find something that was as perfect as I needed it to be.  

And then this came to me.  A birthstone necklace.  One stone for each of us in her family.  There are 36 of us included on the necklace.  A gemstone for each. 

Here's the funniest part of this story.  Her 82nd birthday was last week, so I sent it to her.  When we spoke on the phone she gushed over it and we talked kids and marriage and work for a little bit.  Towards the end of the conversation she thanked me again and told me that she appreciated all of the time that it took me to make it for her.  And we had this conversation...

Me:  Oh, Gram, it's ok.  It did take a long time, but really, it was a labor of love.
Gram:  That's exactly what I tell people about my potato salad.

Hahahaha!  Love.It.  Seriously.  It has been almost a week since the conversation and it still makes me laugh.  Potato Salad.  Ha!

BUT, because of my love for my Gram, I have a new line in my shop...just in time for the Holidays!

There are two other pieces in the collection...

{be still my beating heart!  oh how I love this one!}

I love this one in particular because of the versatility of it.  You can wear it long, you can wear it doubled or you can wear it as a wrap, five strand bracelet.  So, so stunning!  

I love these birthstone necklaces because they are perfect for celebrating larger families.  
(I kept telling my mother that I was going to market them as perfect for Mormons and Catholics.  :)  I kid.  But I can because we're Catholic.  Hello, big family!)

These pieces are something that you are going to want to pass down.  They will become heirloom pieces.  Something to represent your love for family.  Your love for your mother.  Your love for each other.

Some other hello's for the week?

Hello to Election Day!  I am excited to put the election behind us.  AND to have a day off since the schools are used as polling places.  Yay!

Hello to a fun girl night on Monday!  {Tell you all about it soon!}

Hello to November, I am so glad that you're here!

Hello to getting to have dinner with my mom on Friday!  How I miss that lady!

Hello to the hermit crabs still living (not to worry, we moved them into a bigger aquarium) and we added one for Chan.  She named her Flora Jane.

Hello to a new craft!  {pics coming soon!}

Hello to making such fun instagram friends!  Can I just tell you that I was so doubtful about instagram and after my Blue Ridge Craft Weekend and all the girls were on instagram...and I just wanted to see them more...and I do.  I feel like they are part of my everyday.  And I love that.  Because I love them.  {do you want to follow me...@ang4332}

Hello to getting back on the healthy/exercise train.  It has to happen.  The jeans are starting to strangle my thighs again.  No good.  No good.



molly said...

The necklace turned out beautifully! What a sweet gift. Your Gram is adorable.

Unknown said...

Your jewelry is just stunning. And so is your gram:)

Zakary said...

Ohh, I love it! I miss my grandma, she died when I was 19.

Jenny said...

With you on the election for sure-ready to have it done!!And the healthy/exercise train too. Back on it today. :) Good luck!