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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Hello Monday!

Oh, Friends!  Apparently I've lost a week somewhere (or maybe two)!

I am so grateful to have had this past week off from work!  We had such a great time...

1.  Family night of UNO.
2.  Antique shopping.
3.  Twilight with CB (while Chris took the kids to Chuck E Cheese)
4.  Holiday decorating
6.  Christmas shopping (I love Christmas shopping!)

And speaking of Christmas shopping....

Hello to a HUGE Cyber Monday sale going on in the shop right now!  You should check it out.  Just sayin.

Hello to a busy week of work and dance and trapeze (did you know that Chandler is taking trapeze???)  and getting ready for THIS!  Eeek!

{And I am thinking that I will get back to a regular posting schedule this week...but just don't hold me to it.  Gah!}


Emily said...

How did I not know that Chandler was taking trapeze???

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