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Thursday, August 12, 2010


Because not only do I talk about my children's bowel movements, I also talk about my dog's....Hallelujah! Ike has had solid poops for 2 days now! You have no idea the fear that Chris and I had that Ike was going to get really sick and die. That would be 10 trillion times worse to have to deal with for the girls than just not having a dog at all was.

So, to celebrate (and also to get some bitter apple spray to help curb the nipping) Ike and I had a little outing to the Petsmart. And let me just tell you, he is the BEST dog in the whole wide world. He was a million times better behaved in the store than any of my children. He made friends with other dogs, he let people pet him, he licked the cashier, AND he even picked out a surprise without having a difficult time making a decision or pitching a fit. It was one of the best shopping experiences I've ever had. Ok, that might be taking it a little far...but it was highly enjoyable.

In other news...
Quinn.....went....peepee....on the potty!!! This morning, while I was in the bathroom he pointed to his diaper and then to the little potty. So I asked him if he needed to use the potty, he replied, "yeah" (think Rain Man)...I ripped off the diaper, he had a seat and out same the peepees!

So, everything seems to be coming out just fine in our house!


sharonp said...

woo hoo! It's all that good karma you built up from spending Sunday afternoon with your friend!

Emily said...

I am so impressed with Quinn! Jonah was over three before he was using the potty! I think I'd like to take Ike with me on my next grocery store trip and you can keep my children in his kennel while we go out. :)