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Saturday, August 21, 2010

My Dogs Are Barkin'

I left the house at 9am and I didn't get home until almost 5:30pm. My mom and I had a long overdue girls' day. Seriously. The last time we went out without children was for my birthday in February (and my aunt was with us, so we decided that didn't count) and before that it had probably been a year or so since we had spent child free time together.

My mom starts a new job on Monday at a law firm and she needed a new wardrobe. I was more than happy to help her spend money. And we did an unbelievably good job of it today! She got slacks and tops and beautiful cardigans and shoes! Oh, the shoes! And the cardigans!

To make a perfect day even more perfect, she treated me to lunch at California Pizza Kitchen. We splurged and ordered the Avocado Club Eggrolls, Greek Pizza and Spinach and Artichoke Pizza - all for sharing. (And then we stopped by Starbucks before we ended the trip).

It was a fantastic way to spend a Saturday!


Toni Tralala said...

Spinach and Artichoke pizza is delicious! It's nice to see another mother-daughter bonding. :)

Crystal Farish said...

Oh.... CPK, my favorite. But I'm mad at them because they got rid of Sonora Egg Rolls. What were they thinking!!