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Saturday, August 7, 2010

Stories About Ike and Quinn.

Ike continues to be sick. I called the vet yesterday morning and went to pick up another round of medicine and fancy food for him. What this really means is that he has to be taken outside constantly. And because he is not quite housebroken, he has really horrible accidents. Last week, he was the perfect night time dog. This week...ugh. He needs to go out approx every 2 hours. And I can't blame him; I would have to go every 2 hours too if I were him.

And then throw Q into the mix. He has been our bedmate for a good, solid, 6 weeks now. To begin with, he would slam doors and talk to us and then we would spend all night trying to convince him to stay in his bed. We've given up. This past week he has been quietly opening and closing doors between his room and ours and then scaling up from the bottom of our bed and sleeping in between us. Some nights we have no idea when he decided to join us. So, its really not all that bad. Except for last night...when he slept horizontally across Chris's pillow. And Chris forgot he was there and tried to pull the pillow to him. In doing so, he flipped Q off the bed into the dresser. Awesome. He has a minor head wound now. He keeps walking around holding his head and I have taught him to respond yes when I ask him if Daddy did that to him.

Ike has kind of become a brute with the children. Again, I can't really blame him. He likes to nip at Q's diaper (which is eye level for him, so that's understandable) and attack the girls' clothes as they walk by. We've taught them to stand still, cross their arms and look up. Supposedly, ignoring him is supposed to make him stop. Really though, all it does is excite him even more because his prey is now standing still. The only good news in this is that Ike is only 9 lbs and the highest place he can reach on them is their butts. But, this does make the girls afraid and they now spend a good majority of their time avoiding the dog that they so desperately wanted. Any advice?

On the agenda for this weekend? Grocery shopping, cleaning the bathrooms, laundry and Chris is going to help Nick with some painting. We're nothing if not exciting!


Unknown said...

Get an empty Diet Coke can and fill it with pennies. (Or a mason jar works too.) Anytime Ike starts to nip, give the can a couple shakes. Must be done immediately while he's doing the deed. It worked for Sable. I never tried it with Scout, although I should have!

sharonp said...

What's that I hear coming from the next room?? 'I told you so!'

Crystal Farish said...

Oh this makes me laugh. I've so been there! Two tips:

1. The Coke can thing works. I taped mine up with a bunch of duct tape and I keep them in places where I know there's going to be trouble.

2. Eden and Claire used to try and sleep in our bed. Every time they did, I would say, you can't sleep in our bed but you can sleep next to us on the floor. They got sick of sleeping on the floor after a while and eventually went back to sleeping in their own rooms. It took a month or two, but it worked. I also invented the sleeping fairy who left treats under your pillow if you were good and slept in your own bed. And.... I had special spray bottle called "sweet dreams" spray to keep away anything scary. We would spray the room with it before we went to sleep. My kids loved doing that and it helped them not to worry when they went to sleep.