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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Just Random Tidbits

After dinner, (we eat around 4:30 on Saturdays and Sundays...we consider it an early bird special) as the girls were pretending to be snowflakes in the living know waving their arms around in windmill fashion while spinning in circles, Chandler said...

"Oh, we have to stop! We're supposed to be 'Agents of Calm'!"

This is what Chris constantly tells them. Because they constantly get Ike and Quinn crazed. They are the big girls. They are the Agents of Calm.


Last night, Chris went in Chan's room and found dog poop strewn about. So he called her in and she told him that the poop had been there for "oh, um, I don't know...a day or so."

Chris told all the children, in a very quiet voice, to leave the room immediately before someone got hurt. Which translates to...before he hurts someone. (And for the record, Chris has only spanked Chandler once in her life. When she was 4 and ran out into the road at the Botanical Gardens.)

She then had the option of a spanking (for knowing the poop was there and not telling anyone, which makes living in our house the same thing as living in squalor) or pulling 300 weeds in the back yard.

She chose the weeds. And no, we didn't really make her pull 300 of them.


Quinn now says "I don't know" and "Why?". Of course, you have to be fluent in Quinn Speak to understand this. But he does say them at appropriate times.

Quinn: Shoe?
Me: No, Quinn, you don't need to put shoes on.
Quinn: Why?
Me: You're not going anywhere.
Quinn nods head.

Me: Quinn why are you walking around with the dog's toy in your mouth?
Quinn: I don't know.

Conversation at dinner tonight....
Chris: So, do you think you're going to want to be in band in middle school?
Girls: Yep.
Chris: What do you want to play?
Casey: I want to play the clarinet.
Chandler: I would like to play something that isn't a double reed instrument.
(No, I am not making this up. That was her actual response.)
Chris: Most instruments aren't double reeded.
Chandler: Oh. Do they have a key-tar in band?
Chris: A guitar?
Chandler: No, Daddy, a key-tar.
Me: You know, the keyboard strapped on like a guitar. From the 80's.
Chris: Chan, where did you see one of these?
Chan: Yo Gabba Gabba.


Today has been a lazy day. Hence the three posts. Mainly because I had $83 left in my checking account and then I spent $78 at the grocery store. So, I was forced to stay at home. This is what happens when you and your spouse both work in education and only get paid once a month. It makes the last few days of a month *awesome*.

But its been a good day. Good and lazy.

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