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Sunday, August 15, 2010

These Are the Children I Love

These are the children that I love. Look at how sweet they are to each other. I could seriously eat them up. In this picture, I see all of the gloriously good things about them - politeness, kindness, helpfulness...

I even love these kids. When they are a little silly and wacky. I still want to claim them as my own.

But there are days when I am not really sure why I thought having children was a good idea. And I really can't remember why having 3 was a good idea. I mean, it was an accident that I got pregnant the first time and then it ended up being twins, so I was stuck with two no matter what, but we made a conscious decision to have a 3rd. Like, "Hey, I think a third child would be a good choice and now would be a good time." I think those words actually came out of our mouths. Well, maybe just my mouth, but Chris didn't argue.

But there are days when my patience is completely gone. Days when I feel like a broken record...flush the toilet...hang up your towel...flush the toilet...hang up your towel. Ugh. Days when just having them walk into a room irritates me because I know I am going to hear things like this:
So, what can we do?
Can we watch TV?
Can we make something?
Can we visit Meme?
Can we go to the mall?
When are we going back to Disney World?

Do you notice a pattern? Because, believe me, I sure do. And it irritates me. Especially when there is a whole laundry list of things that need to be done but I feel like I am just trying to make it through the day, the hour, the next 15 minutes...hell, just making it through the next 5 would be good, without crying.

And then when you throw in things like something is infected on Casey's leg (I have no idea what it is...I took tomorrow off so that I can take her to the doctor), the dog poops in Chandler's room because she can't remember to close her door and Quinn....well, Quinn does something like this....

....down every spindle of our stairs and then leaves the blue crayon on the floor for the dog to eat. Well, let's just say, today has been enough.

And now I need to scroll back up and look at the first picture to remind myself that these are the children that I love.


Unknown said...

wait...they want to return to Disney World??

Angie said...

oh, yes...they loved disney...chris and I? um, not so much.

Crystal Farish said...

i hate to burst your bubble, but it gets worse when they are teens. three words for you: magic eraser, cider vinegar, and pedicure. Sounds weird, but try putting cider vinegar on the infection and see if it works. Magic eraser gets crayon off in a jiff. And pedicure . . . you deserve one girlfriend.