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Friday, August 13, 2010

Our First Official Date

This is Part can find Part VII here.

We dropped the girls off at my parents' house and, lucky Chris, he got to meet my mom and stepdad. On our first official date. Because, you know, that's really fun and puts you right at ease.

But, anywho, so we dropped the girls off and since we were already in Gwinnett, decided to spend some time at Jillian's. You know, arcade games, skee ball, and one of my most favorite games in the world, air hockey. (I should really write a whole post on air hockey. I feel one coming on soon!) We laughed the whole time and had such great fun. I became slightly addicted to that game where you drop the coin in and then the arm skims over the top of the coins to push some over the edge. Only none of them ever actually go over the edge. I'm convinced that it is really just an optical illusion.

Jillian's is in a mall, so from there, we headed out to window shop. And then we decided to go furniture shopping. Were we actually going to buy any furniture? No. But, I feel very strongly that you can tell a lot about a person by their likes and dislikes in furniture.

Take, for example, my cousin James. He has a glass coffee table. You aren't allowed to put your feet on it. Ever. I would never own a glass coffee table for this very reason. He also doesn't have any children, so the glass coffee table is really more of a lifestyle statement for him. It says, "I am the cleanest bachelor you will ever meet. So clean that I am not worried about having a glass coffee table because there are no smudges in my life." A glass coffee table in my house would make this statement, "I clearly had too many glasses of wine before I went furniture shopping and made some poor decisions." Just sayin.

But I digress.

So, there we were at the furniture store, testing out all of the couches, recliners and beds and ooohhhing and ahhhhing over the fancy bookcases. We had the same taste in just about everything....clean lines, sometimes a little funky or modern, but always functional and practical. We held hands. We laughed some more. We had a ridiculously good time in a furniture store where we weren't going to buy anything.

And I knew that this was for real. And I knew that he knew that this was for real.

(The strange thing about all of this is that since that first furniture store date, Chris and I have rarely agreed on furniture choices when we were actually in a position to buy something. He likes to tell me no. So I drag him from store to store, spend hours showing him various websites and force him to take catalogs to the bathroom with him so that he can inspect my dog eared pages, until I wear him down. I save my first choice for last. Perhaps you shouldn't mention this to Chris.)

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