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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

A Post Dedicated to Molly and Jules

{Juli and Molly, NYC 2010}

Ok, so August 11 is Molly's Birthday. I always think of Juli's birthday as also being August 11 (don't ask me why, its just the way it is...even though I now have facebook to remind me that hers is actually the 6th). So, because tomorrow is Mo's birthday and I somehow missed Juli's, I am just going to dedicate my whole post to these two fabulous ladies...lump them together. Its ok to do that, they're used to it...they were roommates for a long time.

These are my girls. You know, those ladies in your life that you can not talk to in months and months and everything just picks right back up like not a day was missed? Those ladies that you know you can call for something completely ridiculous at 2 in the morning and they will either laugh or cry with you depending on what your need is? Those ladies that are just, well, there, through phases of your life when you need them the most? Molly and Jules? Yep, that's who they are to me.

Molly has been a part of my life since the high school days. We used to drive a stupid long way to go and shop at the Container Store. For what? I have no idea. We both still lived at home. We would also venture into the big city together...dancing, coffee, strange parties with college boys.

Molly is notoriously late. With everything. Arriving places, making phone calls, sending in paperwork. So it really was the luck of the draw by the time she sent in her roommate application before her freshman year at UGA. She ended up being the luckiest person on campus when Jules was assigned to be her roommate.

And this is how Juli came into my life. As my best friend's roommate. But in the (gasp!) 15 years since then, she has made it onto my list of all time favorite people. (Its a seriously high honor to make it onto that list. People hang around me for years hoping to make it onto the list.)

And so, ladies, I hope that you have (had) an outstanding birthday! I am so glad to be able to call you my friends.

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molly said...

OMG- You are so on my list of most favorites too. This is so very sweet. And as you mentioned, I am late reading this as it is now Aug. 12th. Thank you so much for being one of my BFF's. I love having you in my life. And I will speak for Juli, that she loves you dearly too. You are an awesome Friend!