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Sunday, September 4, 2011

Cheat Weekend

We are having a cheat weekend.  It had to be done.  When we spend time at mother's house, we cannot be held accountable.  AND we figured since its a holiday weekend, we should do it up right.  The funny thing is that we no longer have cheat foods in the house.  So Chris had to make a cheat food run to the store.

It dipped below 90 degrees today so we used the oven.  :)

Chris made homemade chicken pot pie.  (We use the Pioneer Woman's recipe...just in case you were wondering.  Talk about ohmygod comfort food.)  I made peanut butter cookies.  They were perfect - crispy on the edges, gooey in the middle.  Yes, please!

I spent some time at the craft table today.  These two laid behind me the whole time...

They remind me of the movie Twins, with Danny deVito and Arnold Schwarzenegger.  Do you remember that one?  Yep, its Ike and Duke.  And their eyes aren't really so beady.  I used the red eye remover and well, that's whatcha get.


sharonp said...

I went home from fellowship meal wanting chicken pie too! Someone had brought a chicken pie. I didn't make one though. boo.

Crystal Farish said...

Two of my FAVs!!!! I am a freak for Chicken Pot Pie. I have to try the PW's recipe. It looks heavenly. I made Reeses PB Cup ice cream this weekend. It was awesome.