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Monday, September 26, 2011


I love finding pictures that I've forgotten about.  Although, it is kind of sad when the pictures were just from last weekend.  So it seems to me like I shouldn't have had that much time to take them, forget about them and then remember them again, but, alas, that's precisely what happened.  I think its a sign of aging.  That and my gray hairs.

Anywho, we went to Cracker Barrel last weekend.  They had a floating broomstick that they had put a witch's hat on that laughed like a witch.  It moved about the store.  All the other children were afraid of it.  Except for Quinn, who thought it was a spectacular thing.

And then there were these from Loralai's breakfast visit....  My cute, cute boy. 

And then this one...which is now one of my favorites...

How sweet is that???  See.  My heart is melting.  Just so you know.  (On a side note, the girls look a hot mess in the mornings, don't they???)

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