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Saturday, September 10, 2011

My Friday Night

The girls had another birthday sleepover to go to last night.  They are 3 for 3 with their Fridays currently, with a quite impressive social calendar.  This time, they were celebrating this girl...

No lie, she is not related to us at all.  I've been friends with her mother (Dr. Emily Pendergrass...she my famous friend that teaches at Vanderbilt.) for a good ten years and have repeatedly told her that my kids could be her kids.  Personality wise, Chan could be Molly's and Casey, my little rule follower, could be Em's. 

So, since the girls were having big fun at a sleepover, we had do have some big fun of our own so that the boy wasn't sad that sisters weren't home.

Big fun for the boy is sitting at the counter at Waffle House.  And having a Mickey Mouse waffle and milkey shakey (that would be chocolate milk).

By the way, did you happen to catch my first post on A Little Etsy Love?   I really am super stoked about writing for them on Fridays.  Yay!

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Michele said...

Fun times at the Waffle House. I just read your first post, but I decided to comment here. You did a great job! We are HUGE Mo Willems fans at our house, and I didn't know about Elephant and Piggie. We have all three Knuffle Bunny books and most of the Pigeon. I must place and order on very soon for more Mo.