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Thursday, September 29, 2011

I did it.

I registered to go to BlissDom in February.  It's a blogging Nashville...about blogging...for bloggers.  And I am super (super, super) nervous.  I don't do craft shows because they make me nervous.  I don't do concerts (especially lawn seats) anymore because they make me nervous.  Rollercoasters?  Yep, I don't do them...too nervous.  And really, even though I am nervous, I am also super excited.  And I do really like Nashville.  Especially since I can drive there.  And as long as its not dark and raining, it should be a good drive.  Dark and raining?  Makes me nervous.

I used to go to NCTE - a conference for English teachers - for several years with my wonderful group of roommates...and they always made me nervous too...the conference, not the roommates {I miss those girls...lots} But I found that I  LOVED them.  Especially the roommate part.  And the vendor hall.  I really, really loved the vendor hall.  And when I sat next to Harvey Daniels in a session.  That was pretty awesome.

Have I told you that February is my worst month?  I think every family has one.  It's my birthday, the girls' birthday, my dad's birthday, my brother's birthday, valentines day, and its cold.  And a short month.  And we usually have every weekend booked.

But I have to do this.  I need this weekend to myself...for myself.

So here's the big question...Anybody else going????  :)


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Crystal Farish said...

So excited for you to go!!! I hope you have a blast. Did you get my email about going????