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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Molly, This Post is For You.

Molly.  I think Casey might be your child.  Look at how she is rockin the fake glasses...

Casey and I were sitting at the kitchen table together the other night.  She was working on her science homework.  I was, well, alright.  I was reading this blog.  My kid was wearing her 1950's Halloween glasses from two years ago.  She wears them most afternoons while finishing her homework.  She loves them and feels smart in them.  I think she looks super cute in them.  


molly said...

That is completely Awesome! Rockin' fake glasses is always cool in my book. She looks super cute and super smart. Love it!

Crystal Farish said...

I have a pair of those glasses. They are my fav. And, in the 90's I had a pair for realz. I turned them into sun glasses. I miss them.