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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Conversations Overheard

This was the conversation that these crazy two had on the way home today...

Chandler:  Don't you think that we should open a shop together when we grow up?
Casey:  Yes!  Pendley's Closet?
Chandler:  No.  Sparkle Star.
Casey:  Um, why Sparkle Star?
Chandler:  Because when we grow up we're going to be glowing.

And that could really mean a whole lot of different things, now couldn't it?

I love overhearing kids' conversations, don't you?

ps - I made a haircut appointment for Monday.  Hooray!


molly said...

Lol, those faces match this conversation perfectly.

Unknown said...

Oh good heavens, that makes my heart hum and hurt at the same time. I remember feeling the same way! Hope to see you tomorrow night!!