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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Things My Husband Says to Me

There are times when I think I could start a new weekly series entitled, Things My Husband Says to Me, because sometimes, well, sometimes he says some really, really funny things.

Like over the weekend when I mentioned that I desperately need to get my haircut (its been since *gasp* June, people, June) and that I don't know how much longer I can go without color.  I stopped coloring my hair almost 2 years ago just to see what my gray would do.  It is, indeed, a really great silver color, but kind of wiry and I don't know that I can do wiry. 

Chris really likes the silver.  But I had one wild, wiry stand poking through and so he pulled it.  And then said...

I really think you should leave it alone.  You could look like Einstein.

Um.  Because that's what I want.  To look like Einstein. 

So I am trying to book a cut and color for next week.  Before its too late and other people start to recognize my likeness to Einstein.


Emily said...

Yes, well, and Chris is the ONLY person on earth, probably, who would actually like it if his wife looked like Einstein. I mean, just look at his t-shirt collection.

Michele said...

LOL! Men are funny. Because I'm sure you've always wanted to look like Einstein, not!

Land family said...

I haven't had my hair cut or colored since *MAY*. Between the move, the commute and just being too d@mn tired, I have neglected my hair. I don't have the grey wirey ones. Mine? White and silky, a la Mrs. Claus. :/ It aint pretty.

Angie said...

Em - Chris's geekiness is definitely legendary.
Michele - Isn't it every girl's dream to look like Einstein???
J - I hear ya! Sometimes hair is the last thing to be taken care of! :)