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Thursday, December 15, 2011

This is really only half a post.

I have more to say on everything in this post, hence this being half a post. 

Quinn had his Christmas party at school today.  Chris went and made a billion little videos for me.  Q was beside himself that Santa was in the room and had a billion questions for him.  First and foremost he wanted to know where the reindeer were. 

Chris and I were most impressed with the gingerbread house that he made.  And slightly creeped out.  All the teachers swear that they did not help with the candy/color choices and that he grouped and counted everything out himself.  I believe this is a flag for an OCD future.  Just sayin.

That's crazy, right?  And here he is inspecting his work.  I actually told him to put his face by it so that I could take his picture with his house....this is it...

The Grandpa and Gram box came today.  The tradition continues...they sent Q an electric keytar.  I swear, they really do hate me.  Every box seems to have something noisy in it.  Big sigh. 

Quinn's favorite in the box?

This.  Right here.

Because what little boy doesn't want to be a super hero?????

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