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Friday, December 30, 2011

Time with Gram.

We've spent the past two days out at my mom's house.  My 81 year old Grandmother has been here this week from Chicago and it has been wonderful to spend some time with her.  We miss her throughout the year.  Some days it is really hard to be 800 miles away from the majority of my family.

Casey is named for my Gram's side of the family...Casey was her mother's maiden name and Harper (Casey's middle name) is my Gram's maiden name.  They affectionately call themselves the two Harpers.

My brother and his girlfriend came up for dinner last night and Mom really outdid herself...

steak with wild mushroom sauce
roasted asparagus
twice baked potatoes
grilled squash, zucchini and onion
sauteed brussel sprouts (my favorite!)

And I just have to share this because it makes me laugh.  This is the sign that my parents have on their back fence....


Amanda said...

Love the sign!!!! I want one of those :)

molly said...

So glad you got some Gram time. That sign has Tom written all over it. Lol

Crystal Farish said...

Hi there!!!!! Sounds like you are having a great Christmas break!

Hey guess what, I might be able to attend Blissdom!! I am checking into flights right now. My old roommate lives in Nashville and she wants to go too. I'll let you know. It would be so fun if we could hook up!!!