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Wednesday, January 4, 2012 I love this child...part 2

This child.  Oh how she cracks me up.  This was part of our conversation on the way home this afternoon:

Chandler:  Mama, when you were a little girl did you go to a one room school?
Me:  Chan, how old do you think I am?
Chan:  Um, 33.
Me:  Right.  And when did they have one room school houses?
Casey:  The 1800's.
Chan:  Oh, yeah.  I forgot about that part.

And then as I was telling my mom about this conversation I told her that if I was old enough in Chan's mind for the one room school house, then that means that she (who grew up in downtown Chicago) must have not gone to school because she was too busy milking Mrs. O'Leary's cow.

 She also said this on the way home....

Chan:  So there's this girl at school, Gwen, and she's half Ireland.
Me:  Irish?
Chan:  Oh, yeah, Irish.  Not Ireland.  That's the place.
Me:  So it would be kind of funny of she was half Ireland.

And then there was this last night...

Me:  So do you think you're going to be happy at your new school?
Chan:  Yeah.  As long as my underwear isn't wet.
Me:  Um.  I just said, so do you think you are going to like your new school?
Chan:  Yes, and I said, as long as my underwear isn't wet.
Me:  I don't understand what you're talking about.
Chan:  Wet underwear.
Me:  I'm really confused.
Chan:  I just sat in something wet in the kitchen and now my underwear is wet and wet underwear is really uncomfortable and so as long as my underwear isn't wet, then, yeah, I'll like my new school just fine.

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