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Monday, January 9, 2012

Quinn's Big Boy Party

I don't know where the weekend went.  Is it like that for you too after the holidays?  After having two weeks off, having two days just doesn't seem like nearly enough.  At 7pm on Sunday night I finally felt like I was hitting my groove.  3 hours before bed and the start of a new week.  Ugh.

So here's what we did...
1.  Chris and I watched The Change Up Friday night (we rent movies from Amazon and stream them on the tv.  Do you do this?  I love it.  Seriously.).  I must say I liked it better than some other movies we have seen lately (for example, The Hangover 2).  I now feel the need to tell Chris that I am going to cut him.  Because that makes me laugh. 
2.  Saturday morning Loralai came over for Quinn's Big Boy Party.  More on that in a minute.
3.  Laundry
4.  Dinner at Drew and CB's.  I really love hanging out with them.  So easy and enjoyable.
5.  Chris took the kids to church and Sam's Club.  I worked on jewelry.  So long overdue.  I hadn't made anything NEW in almost a month.  What?  What?  I blame the holidays. 
6.  Grocery shopping.
7.  Yummy quiche and salad dinner. 

By far, the big hit of the weekend was Q's Big Boy Party.  You see, Chris and I have not been overly concerned about his pacifier.  Or, as Quinn called it, his Baby. 

Quinn is potty trained, super smart, a fairly good eater, kind, and polite.  He is NOT a good sleeper.  At all.  And the only time he had his Baby was at home to sleep.  (Or those times when he would smuggle it out of the cabinet and walk around in his unders with a Baby in his mouth.)  So, we weren't pushing him to get rid of the Baby.  Think what you may of me as a parent, it just wasn't a battle I was going to fight.  The girls were done with their pacies when they were 2, Quinn just wasn't ready.

So last weekend Q and I had a conversation about being a big boy and that the Baby was keeping him down.  So he gave it up.  Chris magically disappeared them.  And then we bribed him with Loralai and a cupcake party...if he could go all week without one, he and Loralai could have cupcakes with candles and a play date.  Sold. 

He screamed the first 3 nights but we persevered.

And on Saturday, Loralai came over to make cupcakes, eat lunch and play.  Then we lit candles in their cupcakes and sang Happy Birthday (by request) over and over again.

The big girls were my mini babysitters (so good at this job!) and Casey was my cupcake photographer.


Emily said...

Yay for Quinn! Personally, I can't wait until your girls can drive so they can come babysit over here! :)

Angie said...

Me too! They will be GREAT babysitters for Janie!

Michele said...

Fun! What a cute big boy!
Mark and I rent movies from Amazon and watch them on our TV. More random stuff we have in common :)