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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Just Some Randomness

I'm not really sure when my girls got to be SO big!  I love that they are getting older...except for the fact that it means that I am also getting older.  Terrible how that works, really. 

Now, go ahead and ask me what Casey was wearing in this picture.  The answer?  Yeah, I  I saw her at breakfast...but only the top half...see, when they're sitting at the table, I have no idea what they are wearing on the bottom half.  And clearly, this bottom half is a fail.  There is no purple in the skirt.  And I'm not sure why she thought the sneakers were a good choice.

I do love Chan's outfit though!  And I made the mistake of telling her that and now she has worn it just about every other day since.  Her cute, cute boots?  Yep, they're ladies boots from Target (they also had them in brown) for $35.  She bought them with some of her Christmas money.


We went shopping today.  Casey bought a couple new pairs of shoes (with her Christmas money) at Rack Room.  She was (as she should be) quite pleased with herself!

{rose gold pair are the rack room brand, $15, the pewter pair is Rocket Dog, $35...and of course, buy one, get one half off}

She was wearing them around the house when I offered to take pictures of them.  And then the others wanted to get in on the picture action as well.  Only Q has a really hard time standing still.  Imagine.

In the top left picture, he wanted me to take one of his foot with Casey's.  So I did.


Kayte said...

Those shoes are splendid! Especially the blue ones :D what a treat.

Anonymous said...

Hahah..cuties! I guess the fact that she takes your style advice so seriously is a good thing!!! I love it when girls hit the age where style is so important to them- so funny!

I remember being obsessed with asking my mom which colors went with which when I was allowed to start "picking out my own outfits". LOL