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Monday, June 18, 2012

Hello Monday!

This is week is going to be a full, fun one!  And my plan is to not stress.  It is summer.  This is fun.  (Do you hear me talking myself off the ledge????)

Hello to Quinn's Birthday Party week...

While we're not planning an elephant birthday party, sometimes it feels that way.  I am horrible at birthdays...the planning...the organizing...the pressure of having a good time...gah!  And he has asked for a blue elephant pinata.  How am I going to manage that one???

Hello to Girls Sleepover!


Following the birthday party, I agreed to the girls having a sleepover.  I mean, while the dog is boarded, we may as well do it all.  You know, go big or go home.  There will be six ten year old girls in my house.  I plan on spending Sunday afternoon recovering.  Just so you know.

Hello to Chris working!


Chris has a conference to go to three days this week.  Not sure what we'll do without him. 

Hello AthFest!


It's AthFest this week!  One more thing to try and squeeze in, but I am sure that we will make it downtown at some point.  :)

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