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Friday, June 1, 2012

Haircut 2012

I say "Haircut 2012" because knowing me it will be 2013 before I have another one.  I am awful about making appointments.  Seriously awful.  But, yesterday we were in the neighborhood of the salon, so we ran in (the kids and I ) for a minute and two great things happened...

1.  Lori (she uses the title Hair Ninja) had an opening on Friday (and then I did a jig!).
2.  We were wearing the same shirt.  No joke.  And she bought hers in Alabama and I bought mine in SC.

Quinn wanted to be in the picture, but didn't want to sit up.  The other funny thing is that I made her earrings (and mine, but I usually make mine) and then I couldn't stop staring at her.   I do so love being twinsies with someone as fun as Lori, though, I really do.

So we went back on Friday...yep, me and all three kids...we ran into a sweet kindergarten teacher from my school (such fun!) and the girls got a streak of color.  Chandler = electric blue, Casey = hot pink (pictures soon!).

And I walked away with a new summer cut.  I think this may possibly be my most favorite cut of all time.  No, really.  And this is a lame picture, I'll work on getting a better one.  :)


Angela said...

I love it Angie!

Anonymous said...

Awh cute! What are the chances of that? That's a pretty different shirt to both be wearing!