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Sunday, June 17, 2012

I Have Been Blessed

I have been blessed with four amazing men in my life...

My dad.  He loves shooting (skeet, not animals), doing things right (hence installing a hickory floor in his kitchen himself, replacing the siding himself, renovating an entire Chicago apartment himself, planting 216 marigolds himself), good food, and his family.  For the majority of my life, we've lived almost 800 miles apart, but the distance never felt that great.  I always knew that I could pick up the phone and call him whenever I needed him.  And if I needed to ask for money for a Homecoming dress, that I should call and talk to my stepmom first, wait a day or two, and then call to talk to Dad about him.  The outcome would always be better under that plan of action.

My stepdad.  I have been known to say really stupid things, like, for example, "You're not my father." or in response to the question, "What's your problem?"  say, "You.  You are my problem." and I am not kidding, he loves me anyway.  My mom and my dad are kind of required to love me because I'm their kid, but this man chooses to love me like I am his. 

My father-in-law.  Yesterday, he and my mother-in-law celebrated their 39th wedding anniversary.  In those 39 years, he raised two children and is now a grandfather to six (I think Chandler gets her love of crocheting from him).  He is hard working and kind.  From the moment I met him, he has welcomed me into their family.

My husband.  When we took this picture together a little over seven years ago, I had no idea that this man would become my best friend.  That he would become my husband.  That he would be the father of my children.  But I am so glad that he is. 

I keep typing words (and then deleting them) about how amazing he is, how loving and kind and wonderful.  About how he wants what is best and right and good for his children.  And, well, it sounds so hokey and sappy and well, expected, today.

But I will tell you this...not only is he all those things and does he do all those things, but he also laughs with his children, he has fun with his children, he teaches them and cares for them, and he cries with them.  Every decision he makes for them is with the most thought. 

He understands the enormity of the job of being not just a father, but also a dad, and he earns the title of Dad every single day.

Why I love my dad
by Casey Pendley

I love my dad because he cares about me even when I could be in big trouble.
I also love my dad because if we did not have him we would have a lot more days eating Mcdonalds.
My dad can be on my side or my brother's side, but in the end he will say sorry or give you coke and nuts in our room!
I love my dad because he is the true meaning of sugar and spice and everything nice.

 Why I love my dad by Chandler pendley
I love my dad because he knows what's best for me,
because on some days he lets me craft in peace.
He knew what was best for me by never letting Casey climb the furniture (mom too).
I also love dad because he inspires me in do new things every day (like making ribs).

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