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Monday, October 29, 2012

Hello Monday!

Hello Monday!  
{staying home with a sick boy...still running a fever...doing an awful lot of sleeping and not a whole lot of eating}

Hello to November!  
I was a miserable flop with October {um hello 31 days posts, what happened there???} and I am ready for a new month.  A new start.  Thank you for bearing with me.

Hello to some new projects!   
{pretty projects hooray!}

Hello to something exciting happening in the shop!
{here's a sneak peek!}

Hello to some new family members!

Casey and Quinn got hermit crabs this weekend.  Quinn named his Bulldogs Go and Casey named hers Mary Pearl.  Seriously.  These children are strange.  We've been having nightly hermit crab races.

I did fall in love with this guy.  But Chris wouldn't let me take him home.  He's a rescue dog at the Discount Pet Supply place in the Kroger shopping center across from Beechwood in Athens.  Just in case you fall in love with him too.  {he's a year old, hound mix, house broken, smallish}


Emily said...

I kinda don't think Bikey would approve of another canine in the family. He doesn't really take too kindly to new humans in your house. :) And poor Quinn! He looks pitiful! I hope he feels better soon!

Jennifer said...

Oh no. Crabs are the absolute worst. They lie to you in the pet store about their needs-yours will die in that container (if you really care). They need to be in a stupid aquarium with sand 4 times as deep as the crab is so that it can molt about every 3 months. If they can't dig under and molt, toxins build up in their body and they die. They are terrible! Also word of warning, even if you do everything, there is a very high death rate in the first 2 weeks. Hopefully you will have better luck-and did you know that if they live, they live about 10 years???? (WORST. PET. EVER.) And yes I have one.

Angie said...

Oh, Jennifer! Don't tell me these things! :) I may be contacting you for hermit crab advice. (pretty sure they're gonna die...might have to go back and get the dog instead.) :)

Jennifer said...

I know! I'm so sorry-I really think that the way the pet stores sell them should be illegal. Ask away-I've had ours for 2+ years and I was SO MAD when I found that the dumb little (overpriced!) plastic cage was a death trap. :(